About us

Our team combines experience gained in business projects and conducted court proceedings, is not afraid of challenges and comprehensively ensures the best safety and interests of our clients. 

We understand the needs of entities that have trusted us – longstanding cooperation of our lawyers in various legal areas as well as our successes have resulted in establishment of the Law Firm under the Paprocki Law Office brand. We form a group of experts for whom the impossible is possible. 

Within the Law Firm, we work both within and beyond Polish borders - the East Desk and British Desk departments provide ongoing support and advice to foreign entrepreneurs and individuals. We provide legal aid to external clients in Poland and in other countries, especially in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, we cooperate with renowned law firms in 14 countries around the world. 

We provide assistance to entrepreneurs and we understand the current needs and dynamics of business. We have extensive experience in providing services to business entities in the areas of legal audit, compliance, due diligence and support for mergers and acquisitions. We advise on building long-term strategies as well, taking the developing eastern directions into account. We effectively connect the east with the west. 

Moreover, our team specializes in handling complex criminal proceedings, including: cross-border issues, white-collar crimes and organized criminal activities. We conduct penal fiscal proceedings as well.

We also handle cases for individuals - including the most complicated ones. We are not afraid of difficult and complex lawsuits - we care about comfort and satisfaction of our customers, even in the most difficult situations, achieving the agreed upon goals. 

The numbers speak for themselves

over 900 civil cases

over 250 criminal cases

volume of business and M&A projects amounting to over PLN 500 million

individual development of more than a few hundred agreements and contracts

cooperation with legal firms in 14 countries

insurance coverage of PLN 30 million

East Desk

We specialize in providing services for clients from Eastern Europe, particularly Russian-speaking countries, as well as legal assistance for Polish entities in the East.

Our specialists provide comprehensive services as part of the dedicated Russian Desk, Ukrainian Desk or Belarusian Desk. We provide services to clients from countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China as well.

We are fluent in Russian. Our experts have many years of experience in providing legal services to foreign clients, including supporting their activities in Poland or representing them before courts in civil, criminal and commercial law cases.

Moreover, we care about the safety and comfort of Polish entrepreneurs in the East - we help them understand the specificity of eastern markets and secure their interests in various business areas.

Furthermore, we cooperate with law firms providing services to our foreign clients in 14 countries in Europe and the USA.

The East Desk is headed by attorney at law Tatiana Pacewicz.

Business areas
Commercial law

- support for company bodies, managing directors and CEOs
- development of corporate documentation
- organization of shareholders meetings
- preparation of international agreements and contracts
- representation in corporate disputes
- acquiration of funding and financing servicing
- ongoing business support
- antitrust law
- acts of unfair competition
- proceedings before the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
- consumer disputes
- establishment and liquidation of companies

Real estate and construction law

- services for housing communities
- services for construction companies
- support for property managers
- debt collection
- claims under guarantee or warranty
- investment processes
- lease and tenancy agreements
- construction works contracts
- verification of the properties’ legal status
- support in the sale and purchase of real estate
- easements

Labor law

- comprehensive preparation of employee documentation
- management contracts
- confidentiality agreements
- work regulations and internal company acts
- negotiations with trade unions
- labor disputes
- preparation of legal opinions on the application of labor and migration law

Migration law

- legalization of stay and work in Poland
- residence and work permits
- EU Blue Card
- services for entities willing to employ a foreigner
- posting of workers
- contracts for foreigners
- visa matters 


- legal audits
- verification and development of representation rules
- regulation of internal and external relations
- verification of compliance with applicable law
- preparation of policies and internal regulations
- development and implementation of compliance procedures
- GDPR and personal data protection

M&A projects               

- editing and negotiating letters of intent and NDAs
- due diligence and risk identification
- preparation of transaction documentation
- mergers, transformations and divisions of companies
- support for transfer of an organised part of the enterprise
- acquisition of shares or stocks
- changes in share capital
- examination of indented concentration
- negotiations at every stage of the project 

East Desk

- Russian Desk
- Ukrainian Desk
- Belarusian Desk
- customer service for clients from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China
- support in Poland and abroad
- commercial law services
- international commercial contracts
- representation before courts in Poland regarding civil or criminal proceedings 

British Desk

- Polish-speaking lawyers in Great Britain
- service for Polish companies in the United Kingdom
- support for Poles living in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
- handling Polish-British contracts
- commercial matters
- employee problems
- criminal proceedings
- representation in extradition proceedings
- preparation of documentation in connection with Brexit and support in ensuring continuity of cooperation with EU countries

Pharmaceutical and medical law

- auditing activities in regulated trading
- support in matters of authorization of medicinal products
- issues regarding the liability of managing bodies in pharmaceutical and medical sector
- cases concerning damage caused by a medicinal product or a medical device
- advice on competition law, counterfeit products and unfair advertising
- representation and support in proceedings regarding pharmaceutical and medical law (including parallel import licenses, parallel distribution notifications, authorizations for the manufacture or import of medicinal products, admission of a medicinal product to the market) 

Procedural law

- analysis of individual’s situation
- implementing legal strategies
- risk assessment
- support in negotiations with other parties
- representation in proceedings before common courts and administrative courts
- representation before the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court
- representation before arbitration tribunals and arbitration courts
- preparation of pleadings at every stage of the trial 

Criminal law

- penal law and penal commercial law
- white-collar crimes
- penal-fiscal proceedings
- participation in activities related to detention
- development and implementation of the line of defense
- conducting negotiations with the prosecutor's office
- participation in court proceedings and preparation of pleadings
- assistance in obtaining the mildest possible penalty or combined penalty
- assistance in obtaining a conditional remission of a sentence or a conditional suspension of the execution of a sentence
- help for the victims/injured parties 

Family law

- divorce and separation
- division of joint property of spouses
- contacts with children and parental responsibility
- alimony
- marriage property contracts, intercourse
- court consent to legal actions
- handling matters arising from the spouse's debt

Family Office

- services for family businesses
- comprehensive management of private family estates
- real estate investments
- investments in works of art, coins or other collectors' items
- inheritance matters
- planning and implementing of intergenerational succession
- disputes and lawsuits 

Copyright and related rights

- license and sub-license agreements
- transfer of proprietary copyrights
- contracts for authors and performers
- legal support for IT projects
- support for publishing processes
- handling copyright disputes
- person'image protection 


Tymoteusz Paprocki
Attorney at law
Managing Partner

Coordinates the work of the Law Firm's team. Specializes in providing comprehensive services to business entities and representing clients in court proceedings...

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Grzegorz Fertak
Attorney at law | Of counsel

Specializes in services for entities from regulated sectors...

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Piotr Piechocki
Attorney at law 

Specializes in real estate law and services for commercial companies...

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Łukasz Rybak
Attorney at law 

Specializes in administrative and labor law...

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Ada Biniewicz-Nowak
Attorney at law 

Specializes in civil, family and inheritance law... 

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Piotr Wojciechowski
Attorney at law 

Specializes in real estate law and consulting services for commercial companies...

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Dominika Matyjaszczyk
Attorney at law 

Specializes in civil and commercial law...

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Filip Paprocki
Legal assistant

A student at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw...

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Beata Puchniak



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e- mail: kancelaria@tpaprocki.pl
tel.: +22 620 20 20

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